Indiegogo partnered with the Documentary Organization of Canada, to bring the renowned documentary filmmaker, Steve James to Toronto for an inspiring talk.  There were many helpful tips for filmmakers coming out during the Q&A with James and many poignant moments seen in the film.  Read my blog post with the insights on the Indiegogo blog.

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Indiegogo has a legacy of supporting the hottest new documentaries about social issues that people care about. At SXSW this year alone, there were 6 films crowdfunded with indiegogo that premiered, including “Life Itself” about the life of movie critic Roger Ebert – A film directed by Steve James that raised more than $150,000 for completion funds after Ebert’s death.

Stay tuned for more news about indiegogo’s initiatives to support documentary film in Canada, by following them on twitter: @indiegogoca #gogoDOC.

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