Luck Surrounds Participants at Canada’s Seventh Startupfest

startupfest 2017

In my last role as a Marketing Director on the executive team at a rapidly growing startup (from 7 to 150 people) over the last few years, I had some fantastic opportunities to attend tech and developer conferences all over the world, but this year’s Startupfest in Montreal was truly unique. Having just wrapped up its seventh year, the theme was luck, and I left the event feeling grateful and happy to know more about the wonderful Canadian tech community that supports entrepreneurs and startup founders nationally. Continue reading “Luck Surrounds Participants at Canada’s Seventh Startupfest”

Fascinating Art & Tech Talks at FITC

One of the most exciting conferences in Toronto, and arguably the world, is coming up. FITC, The Technology and Creativity Conference (April 27-29th, 2014) is all about some of the things I love most about tech, including the use of new tools and web applications to harness creative expressions across many diverse industries. From sessions focused on film and TV to web development, there are a bunch of sessions I’m excited to attend this year, but first, here’s a brief overview about what makes the FITC so great. Continue reading “Fascinating Art & Tech Talks at FITC”

Digital Marketing & Publicity for ScopifyROM

In the fall of 2013 I worked on a user-acquisition strategy, digital marketing and publicity for a new mobile app produced by Kensington for use at the Royal Ontario Museum. The new mobile app is called ScopifyROM, and it allows museum visitors to explore objects in ways never possible before with a smart phone. Now the ROM’s visitors can ‘scopify’ objects behind a glass case and use an Android or iphone to see what it would look like if it was magnified, x-rayed, or animated. As a basic form of simulated reality (although not true augmented reality), app users can perform curatorial investigations and scan QR codes throughout the museum in order to unlock app features. There is also a subtle layer of gamification in the app, whereby after ‘scopifying’ 5 objects, users unlock extra games. Continue reading “Digital Marketing & Publicity for ScopifyROM”

Checking the Pulse on Broadcast Innovation at the Digi Awards

On December 3 at the lovely historic Carlu venue in downtown Toronto I had the chance to attend Next Media’s industry conference and the Digi Awards to celebrate the brightest stars in Canadian digital content, marketing and media. What better place than Toronto to host the event? – A hub for digital agencies working with film directors, TV producers and broadcasters. Continue reading “Checking the Pulse on Broadcast Innovation at the Digi Awards”