Good Work Relationships are our Currency and Another Competitive Advantage

Douglas Coupland's art

If there’s one thing I have to reflect on lately about business it’s the people and the work relationships that we have, both with ourselves and with each other. Often our success or our failure in a situation at work and in life has to do with our own confidence, competency, and our ability to judge with a clear head and avoid self-sabotage. In addition, it’s always essential to reconcile differences of opinion with our team members.

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The Art of Survival as a Futuristic Startup Leader

You're not alone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, facing stressful situations daily and rarely feeling like you’re winning, even though others think you’re a success — you’re not alone. There’s a big community of founders and leaders of startups who have either gone through it, can offer advice or commiserate with you. Many of them were at the 7th annual startup festival in Montreal this past week, and they had lots to say. Speaking with many of them validated my own ideas and experiences and others that I’ve heard about within the industry. One needs to be strong to thrive while building a rapidly evolving startup. It’s difficult, but building habits to restore and connect with others can help. Continue reading “The Art of Survival as a Futuristic Startup Leader”

Luck Surrounds Participants at Canada’s Seventh Startupfest

startupfest 2017

In my last role as a Marketing Director on the executive team at a rapidly growing startup (from 7 to 150 people) over the last few years, I had some fantastic opportunities to attend tech and developer conferences all over the world, but this year’s Startupfest in Montreal was truly unique. Having just wrapped up its seventh year, the theme was luck, and I left the event feeling grateful and happy to know more about the wonderful Canadian tech community that supports entrepreneurs and startup founders nationally. Continue reading “Luck Surrounds Participants at Canada’s Seventh Startupfest”