Electric Island is a day-long music festival, with electronic DJs performing on Toronto’s Center Island. Thousands of music fans descend upon the island on the day of the event, to enjoy good music, friends and the visual show.

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During Electric Island in Toronto for Labour Day weekend on September 2nd 2013, I collaborated Molten Visuals to produce a social media visualization project. I managed Electric Island’s social media account and we projected tweets with the #ElectricIsTO hashtag onto the screen behind the DJs on stage and encouraged thousands of event attendees to tweet their thoughts about the music. The tweets were then projected and people even sent messages back and forth. I encouraged influencers to join the conversation, and also got some of the DJs with large followings to tweet using the hashtag.

The results were quite good, with hundreds of tweets and mentions of the Electric Island brand. People at home watched the event on the live stream and followed along on twitter. Our twitter visualization project had a solid ROI, giving the event promoters, performers and sponsors a larger reach and exposure than they would have otherwise garnered.

In the graphs below you’ll see a large spike in usage of the hashtag, the keyword, and the brand’s handle.




There were hundreds of photos taken during the event, by event attendees, and hundreds of tweets.

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